Copying files from an almost failing external drive

There are a number of reasons why an external hard drive may fail at some point. Depending on the reason and how it failed, you may be going for very different recovery methods. In some cases, you can just throw it away and get your latest backup if nothing serious was done in-between. If you […]

Replacing Memrise with Anki

I’ve been using Memrise for a while (actually almost a year) and have had some trouble with their Android app recently, so after a long while hesitating to switch to something else, I finally made the final step to replace Memrise with Anki. In parallel, I keep using Duolingo, which I find is a great […]

Showing missing characters in Android

As I said in an earlier post, I love to learn languages and as I switched to Ankidroid recently (more in a future post), I stumbled across an annoying issue. I have an Android Tablet (old – sometimes called “legacy” by some, but it’s just 3 years old: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 – Android 4.1.2 […]

Learning Languages – Duolingo vs. Memrise

I’ve been learning languages since early ages, and always liked to fiddle with them. My main problem was the lack of practice, but I’ve found two sites that help. There are many other sites to learn and practice languages (FluentU is another one focused or listening to videos), but if you plan on taking a […]

Plato’s Protagoras

I don’t remember when I read Plato for the last time – it must have been quite a while ago. Yesterday, I decided to listen to Plato’s Protagoras while driving for a few hours. I was quite struck with the image that Plato is giving from Socrates in this dialogue. Socrates is supposed to be a […]