Second Degree Burn

3 days ago, i burnt myself in the kitchen: stupidly took a pan that had just been cooking stuff with my bare hands. Fortunately, my hands were wet (but my hands were dealing with hot water at that moment, so they were already very hot – probably around 50 degrees C), and when I took the pan, I heard a “jzzzz” sound as the water boiled on my fingers. I suddenly yelled in pain as it was intense, and let go of the pan. I right away put my fingers under cold water which probably helped the recovery, nevertheless the pain remained and was getting more and more intense as the burn spread from cell to cell in the fingers.

My wife offered me a block of ice directly from the freezer which I applied directly to the fingers to ease the pain and also prevent the rest of the tissue from burning. At the same time, we reached for an old remedy that does miracles with burns of any kind: Solvarome. It is a mixture of different essential oils (including lavender and thyme), it stinks, but it is very efficient. We poured the oil on my burning fingers. Still the pain was strong, and the ice definitely calmed it down, but I needed one block of ice after the other to ease the pain as their temperature decreased.

The burns were quite deep and my fingers turned to red and were swollen, but the surface that burnt was quite small (a single phalanx on 2 fingers and almost 2 phalanxes on the third).

After some research, my wife finally poured some vitamin E (just opened a capsule of the vitamin and let the contents soak the fingers) which effectively decreased the pain almost instantly (we learnt that vinegar has the same calming effect – will try that next time – well, hope I’ll never get to try it!). Other remedies for mild burns include honey, aloe vera and other essential oils.

This wasn’t really a mild burn like a sunburn. It was very probably 2nd degree as it reached much deeper parts of the skin and caused severe pain that was barely eased by freezing ice, but at least located only on a small portion of the skin (I wouldn’t imagine what would happen if that kind of burn covered my entire hand – thus the hypothesis of a second degree burn, I know what a first degree sunburn is, and I know it can stay quite long without the proper attention).

After 2 hours of replacing ice cube after ice cube, my fingers started to finally relax after applying vitamin E and we covered them for the night with a bandage impregnated with Organic Silicium, which does a very good job at repairing the skin.

The next morning, I had 3 blisters (I wasn’t surprised), one on each finger (one was quite large, covering one full phalanx) and took off the bandages for good, and never put anything else on my fingers. One day later, I was surprised to see that only one blister remained, my 2 other fingers were still more red than other fingers and I could see the marks of an injury (they were still a little sensitive when pressing them), but apart from that, nothing else, the blisters were gone (I was expecting that at some point I might get some swelling, pus, dry and dead skin, … but nothing of these happened).

Now, 3 days later, the 3rd finger is almost completely recovered as well and is still a little sensitive (actually all 3 fingers are still sensitive to hot water), but pretty much recovered. I didn’t expect such a quick recovery, at the same time I always acted as if nothing happened (anything I couldn’t do because of the sensitive fingers, I did naturally with the other hand), and my wife and I acted very fast after the burn. Not sure which of each action (cold water, ice, solvarome, vitamin E, organic silicium) was the most effective, but all together, they led to an extremely fast recovery.

Wish I had taken pictures of the early stages, but here is the state after 3 days. Nothing much left.



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