The FDA Approves the Country’s First RFID Tags to be Implanted in Humans


Michael D. Turashoff

In October the Food and Drug Administration approved the implantation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags into humans. According to VeriChip Corp., a subsidiary of Applied Digital Solutions Inc., the 134.2-KHz chips could save lives and possibly limit injuries from errors in medical treatments.

It is believed the chips could provide easy access to medical information for individuals with life-threatening diseases, and could be specifically useful during a medical emergency. The chips are expected to give people the ability to know and manage their health-care issues at the very critical time of an emergency situation.

RFID tags have the ability to store a wide range of information, from one serial number to several pages of data. Readers can either be mobile, so that they can be carried by hand, or they can be mounted on a stationary or mobile object. Reader systems can also be built into the architecture of…

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