Tips for a healthy diet

My wife and I are quite careful about our health. Especially as she has a lot of allergies, combine with asthma, so we definitely need to watch what we eat.

After checking some diet tips from lots of websites, I finally compiled a “general rule” chart to compose meals. Note that I’m not a doctor, so take this with precautions. You can also have a look at this very good site from which part of this diagram is compiled.


Red means “do not mix”. A red line means “do not mix this type of ingredients with this other type”. A red circle means “do not mix ingredients from this category together”.

Green means “perfect to mix”. A green line means that you can mix these types of ingredients safely. And a green circle means that ingredients of this same type can be mixed together safely.

Black means “ok but not always together”.



So from this graph, you can infer that melon should be eaten by itself and never mixed with anything. The same goes for milk. Milk and cereal in the morning is bad for your stomach and intestines, and should be avoided (even if I used to love it, I don’t really love it anymore since I know it makes me blow out and is not good for my body in general).

Another surprise comes with tomatoes. You love pizzas with its tomato sauce, right? You also love tomato sauce on your pasta, yes I know, it’s so yummy! Unfortunately, you shouldn’t mix acid fruits and vegetables with carbohydrates in general. Especially tomato which disables the digestive enzymes for carbohydrates.


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