Brush your teeth… at the right moment!

You may well know this already, but as far as health is concerned, better safe than sorry! 🙂

Brushing the teeth is one of today’s elementary path to dental hygiene – keeping your teeth healthy as long as possible. But if you brush them at the wrong moment, it seems that you could actually do more harm than good. The interesting part is that the “wrong moment” is exactly when we believe it could be the best moment – namely “just after a meal”.

Why is that? The mouth’s ideal pH for the teeth is neutral (7). After a meal, especially an acidic one, the acid from the food in your mouth is temporarily weakening the teeth’s most precious defense: the enamel. And while the enamel is weak, you don’t want to scrub it, brush it or weaken it more in any way. You’re better off waiting that the pH stabilizes (thanks to the saliva that you’re constantly producing, and you can also simply wash your mouth with water to help get back to a neutral pH) before doing any scrubbing.

So the best recipe is: wash your mouth after the meal, it will take away most of the attacking particles. Then wait for at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth, that’s the time needed for the mouth to go back to a normal pH. And then you’re free to go.


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