Plant’s reactions to environmental changes

Because they appear to us as still and non reacting things, it mostly seems to us that plants are just randomly growing and not really “living” much. Thanks to some recent researches using video (look here for instance), researchers have found out that plants are actually extraordinary living beings. They have proven that they have more senses and intelligence than we ever imagined. They smell, they hear, they communicate, they compete actively using motion and diverse chemicals, they also react to predators and they actually have more senses than we have… This fascinated me so much that as we recently installed some growing lamps in home to make a little indoor garden, I installed a camera to watch these plants and try to grasp they moves.

As the temperatures start getting colder in our part of the globe these last days, my wife decided to move some tomato plants from outside to inside. So she had to repot the plant and then set it in our little garden space. What we saw is quite amazing: for the first hour, it reacted as if it was dying. But then it started gaining its strength back and held itself up again! What a stress it must have been! 🙂

Here is the moment, captured at 12 images/s with each image taken at a 2.5 minutes interval (so every second of the video is 30 minutes  in real life).


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