Maggie de Block or having an obese minister of health

I’m not interested in politicians much. But this is a case that makes a huge debate worldwide that I must admit I don’t understand because the matter is very clear.

People are arguing that she at least can understand health problems and can make empathy with obese people. Apart from the fact that she’s (badly) representing the people of Belgium worldwide, there is much more to it than the appearances.

She’s saying that we should judge her from her inside rather than from the outside. I perfectly agree. Appearance is not and should not be a criteria to elect a politician.  However, obesity is not a part of one’s appearance that has been acquired at birth. It is not the birth’s color of skin, hair or eyes. It is a state that we create as we live, and that comes with life choices, and these choices are made by the inside, so that in the end the outside becomes only a reflection of what the inside’s thoughts are. She has very obviously made very bad choices about her own lifestyle, how can we expect her to make good choices for others?

What we wait from a minister is to lead a country, to be a teacher, and therefore to set the example for everyone. Would you take as minister of justice a person who is regularly committing theft? Would you take as minister of finance a person who has just lost all his money with gambling or spending it unwisely? Well, it’s exactly the same here. It is likely that this minister will take measures such as giving more money back for diabetes pills, not leading the people away from diabetes in the first place by supporting a good lifestyle.

Let her become healthy and full of vitality by making lifestyle changes for herself – only then would I really give her enough credit to be the minister of health, because she would prove that she understood what it takes to be healthy, and thus take correct actions for her people to be and get healthy as well.


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