Bio: I'm a computer engineer, curious about almost everything (except football and shiny cars), including (but not limited to): -music (especially pre-20th century!) as I play the piano and the harpsichord, -science (physics, astronomy, archaeology, history of men especially ancient civilizations...), -technology (I'm a computer engineer after all, I'm a big linux fan, love to experiment with newer technologies, crypto-currencies, etc. my PhD was about optical pattern recognition), -cultures and traditions from all over the world, including musics, foods, beliefs and languages (I speak several and love to learn more), I love to travel abroad, -sustainability (you could call it "eco-friendly", climate change, carbon footprint, etc.), -politics (but not politicians) and how the world is and should be ruled (is democracy so viable?), I don't watch or read the news, but I try to see the big picture rather than single events, -genealogy (thanks to another family member, I traced back my ancestors back to the year 1700 - I've also done a DNA tracing that is quite interesting), -games (mostly board games, including chess, go, shogi, checkers, arimaa...), -photography (mostly landscapes, animals, ...), -writing books (currently have a couple of ideas - working on them), -psychology (mostly thanks to my wife since this is one of her main interests), -health (especially natural and alternative remedies and medicines, GMOs, juicing and diverse types of diets, I was introduced to these by my wife...), -spirituality (note that I'm not saying "religions" here, I consider myself as a spiritual atheist - no human-made religion in my heart, but doubt everywhere), I like meditating (though not taking much time for it lately). As you may understand here, my main problem on this earth is that there are so many fascinating subjects to cover and so little time... 🙂 This blog is an attempt to keep some trace of what I did for myself, and maybe it can help others. I'm also very thankful to my wife who brought even more richness in my life.

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