Plant’s reactions to environmental changes

Because they appear to us as still and non reacting things, it mostly seems to us that plants are just randomly growing and not really “living” much. Thanks to some recent researches using video (look here for instance), researchers have found out that plants are actually extraordinary living beings. They have proven that they have more […]

Brush your teeth… at the right moment!

You may well know this already, but as far as health is concerned, better safe than sorry! 🙂 Brushing the teeth is one of today’s elementary path to dental hygiene – keeping your teeth healthy as long as possible. But if you brush them at the wrong moment, it seems that you could actually do more […]

Tips for a healthy diet

My wife and I are quite careful about our health. Especially as she has a lot of allergies, combine with asthma, so we definitely need to watch what we eat. After checking some diet tips from lots of websites, I finally compiled a “general rule” chart to compose meals. Note that I’m not a doctor, […]

Avoid your gridblades from burning out

I have bought recently 2 gridblades and after a month of operating them, one of the cards just burnt. It was actually the one powering the fan, but I was lucky enough that the second card on the blade didn’t burn out as well. What happened is that one component (a voltage regulator, as it […]

Helping others

Someone recently brought up the following subject: should we keep our social efforts silent, or communicate them around? You might not be comfortable with the latter, because we’ve always been taught how to help in silence, and also because you’re at risk of being pointed out by jealous people as bragging, but if it comes from […]